We Starts With Me.

Our Mission

The dWELLing provides an open safe space for worship, education, activities and events to support and unite the needs of our community. It is our goal that ALL will come here to play, learn and rest. By offering this, it is our hope that youth, families and adults are empowered to live and maintain happy, healthy lives.

WE starts with ME
WE wish to be WELL


The root of all wellness begins with renewing the mind. We are only capable of that which we can imagine ourselves to be capable of.

Our services will include full-spectrum counseling, parenting classes, financial education, and group support. 


Our bodies are the outward evidence of wellness, as good health depends on a well-tuned body.

Our physical condition will either add or subtract from our mental and spiritual wellbeing, and we believe we have the power to direct ourselves towards wellness and wholeness through the choices we make daily. We will offer a variety of nutrition and physical fitness classes, as well as cooking classes from the yield of the community garden.


One can spend a lifetime perfecting body and mind and still feel poor in spirit. We believe our spirits thrive from living in community and in giving back from the wealth of our gifts and talents.

We want to hear from you!

What are your wishes for the wellness of our community?
Do you have a talent or passion to share?

Meet Hope, Mary, and Katie, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Physician Assistant, and Certified Yoga Teacher who offer round table conversations about issues that affect women's mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Join us as we tackle the highs and lows that come with being a modern woman. 

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