We Starts With Me.

Our Mission

The dWELLing provides an open safe space for worship, education, activities and events to support and unite the needs of our community. It is our goal that ALL will come here to play, learn and rest. By offering this, it is our hope that youth, families and adults are empowered to live and maintain happy, healthy lives.

WE starts with ME
WE wish to be WELL


The root of all wellness begins with renewing the mind. We are only capable of that which we can imagine ourselves to be capable of.

Our services will include full-spectrum counseling, parenting classes, financial education, and group support. 


Our bodies are the outward evidence of wellness, as good health depends on a well-tuned body.

Our physical condition will either add or subtract from our mental and spiritual wellbeing, and we believe we have the power to direct ourselves towards wellness and wholeness through the choices we make daily. We will offer a variety of nutrition and physical fitness classes, as well as cooking classes from the yield of the community garden.


One can spend a lifetime perfecting body and mind and still feel poor in spirit. We believe our spirits thrive from living in community and in giving back from the wealth of our gifts and talents.

We want to hear from you!

What are your wishes for the wellness of our community?
Do you have a talent or passion to share?

Our Story

The dWELLing team is made up of Liberty, TX natives and longtime residents who were united by a shared belief in collaboration and community-building.

In 2018, several of us realized that God had planted a dream in us years ago, to develop a place to gather and promote wellness in Liberty. We began to imagine what that could look like: a wellness journey, a place to dwell. We envisioned an open green space, a community garden, a coffee shop, a yoga studio, counselors, and classes on everything from healthy cooking to parenting and budgeting. In 2019, the timing was right and the doors faithfully opened to allow our dream to come to life

Our Community

Liberty, TX is the third oldest town in Texas, founded in 1831 on the banks of the Trinity River. It’s a quiet country town, proximate to the cultural hub of Houston, nestled amongst ancient live oaks, grandiose magnolias, endless camellias, and all the beautiful plumage of Southeast Texas.

Liberty’s greatest asset is our people: Hearts are the size of Texas around here. This was fully evident after Hurricane Harvey, when the community pulled together to support one another. We consider our community our extended family, and fostering healthy relationships is our priority.

During the 1980s oil boom, Liberty was a thriving city with all the usual entertainment: a roller rink, a drive-in, movie theater. All of this is gone. Young people are searching for something to do, older folks need a place to be involved and engaged, and the community needs a place to commune, create, and be well, together.

Our Team

Our team comes from varied walks of life, united by the shared vision that life is better done together in community and when resources join in collaboration.

Katie Smart
Certified Yoga Teacher

A passionate yoga practitioner, Katie received her certification from Lifetime Fitness in 2016. Her teacher training reveled the deeper benefits of yoga on the body, the mind, and the spirit.  She and her husband Jeffrey have four children: Isabel, Jace, Juliana, and Luke, whose sports activities they’re constantly keeping up with! They enjoy spending time on their farm as well as learning, growing, and encouraging others through ministry.

Mary Poston
Family Practice Physician Assistant

Since graduating from University of Texas Medical Branch in 2003, Mary has practiced as a Physician Assistant with a focus on the preventative side of medicine. Her passion is helping people to navigate life in the healthiest way possible. Happily married to her high school sweetheart since 2001, Matthew, she has one beautiful daughter, Vivian Ruth. She and Matthew also lead worship weekly for the Gathering.

Father Ted Smith
Rector of St Stephen’s Episcopal Church

After a successful career in the oil and gas industry, Father Ted felt the call to pastoral care and community service. He was ordained an Episcopal priest and assigned to a congregation in Liberty, TX, where he became deeply involved in the community. He’s since received Law Enforcement Chaplain’s credentials and extensive training and certifications in crisis management and care. In his limited free time, Rev. Smith enjoys fishing and spending time with his grandchildren.

Alexis Cordova
County Extension Agent for Family and Community Health

With a BS in Family and Child Development  and an MS in Family and Child Studies, Alexis began her Extension career in Calhoun County then transferred to Liberty County in 2006. Her focus is on childcare professional training, family life improvement programming, and health awareness education. She’s led the establishment of strong coalitions and partnerships to improve the quality of programming for Liberty.

Ladd Hight
Better Living for Texans Nutrition Assistant

A Liberty County native, Ladd graduated from Texas Tech University with his bachelor’s in Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences.  He is eager to bring new vitality to the community in which he grew up. He enjoys spending time with his family, and can often be found in the garden.  

Kristen Hubert
Medical Assistant at Firm Foundations Healthcare Clinic

Kristen received her bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management from Texas State University and returned to Liberty, TX to raise her two beautiful girls. She has a heart for helping people and longs to create a better tomorrow by providing access to resources for mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.