Mind Matters Most

By Katie Ann Smart

So I feel like I’ve used this phrase a lot in my life. When I’ve been sick, when I’ve been depressed, when I’ve not known what else to do.

Mind over matter.

I can’t say this has always been a NO BRAINER for me (pun intended). It is our human nature to take things to a negative space or emotion. Therefore, we do have to dig deep and set out in our minds to overcome that raw emotion and make a choice. We can choose to start our day over, our mind over, and our life over. But we have to first see where we are flawed and acknowledge that before we can move through and embrace ourselves and pursue the life we want with the emotions and feelings we want.

I’ve always heard from my grandmother, “pretty is as pretty does.” Basically meaning, if you’re not pleasant on the inside or harboring a bad attitude, then you certainly will be reflecting that negativity on the outside through your face and reactions.

There have been times in my life during which I was not in a good place and felt so far away from reality. In these times of despair, I had to realize, finally, that enough is enough. You have to commit to getting out of it. You have to choose a new way to break free. If you don’t, the negative spiral will eat you up slowly, bit by bit, until there is nothing left of you. Don’t sink into that black hole. But if you do find yourself on the edge, look up to find whatever tiny light you can: one positive thing you can say or think out loud to overcome yourself or circumstances.

If you find that one small thing, then go for two, and before you know it your mind will be overcome with positivity, encouragement, joy, love, gratitude, and suddenly…you overcame it!

So what’s the matter?
Mind over MATTER!